In Allyship with Black Women

Join us for the first installment of our 5-part allyship series. In this session, our facilitators peel back the veneer of avoidance on certain human relation matters that may be difficult to speak about and even more so to hear. McKinsey & Company’s Women in the Workplace 2020 Report findings include, “The workplace has always been worse for Black women.” In Allyship with Black Women, we take a real and relevant approach to examining the intersectionality of gender, race and biases that black women face. Finally, we offer concrete actions to become an ally in support of black women.

The Joy & Benefits of Inclusion: Making Human Connections

Inclusion is such a powerful instrument for making human connections. When we reach out to others we create and receive joy and tremendous benefit. This is important to remember during difficult times, when it can be easy to fall prey to stress, isolation and uncertainty, which can lead us to overlook powerful daily acts of inclusion. In the spirit of inclusion, we must recognize that even in this distressing time, there are many ways that we, as a people, together, can choose to put our best foot forward and make daily human connections to enhance our collective human spirit and increase our sense of belonging. Explore with us, The Joy and Benefits of Inclusion.